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Compact Review Panel

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Stanford University Compact Review Panel
The Compact Review Panel (CRP) is a group of seven students, four faculty, and five staff who have been trained to determine the appropriate public health response to Campus Compact violations.  The CRP includes faculty members at the School of Medicine, the Department of Biology, and the Hopkins Marine Station; the Assoc. Vice Provost for Environmental Health & Safety, the Assoc. Vice Provost for Inclusion, Community and Integrative Learning and the Assist. Vice Provost for Inclusion and Community & Exec. Dir. for CECL and Resident Fellow of Ujamaa House; and two undergraduate student leaders, a co-term, and three graduate students from the School of Law and PhD departments in Chemistry and Comparative Literature.

Three members of the Compact Review Panel, including one student, will be assembled to hear each matter that is referred to them.  All decisions of the Compact Review Panel will require the unanimous consent of the 3 members assembled to review the matter.  

Referrals to the CRP
If the Senior Associate Vice Provost & Dean of Students or her designee determines that a matter must be referred to the CRP, the Dean of Students Office will send a written description of the conduct that is inconsistent with the Compact, along with any other relevant information, to the student and the 3 members of the CRP who will be reviewing the matter.  The student will have 24 hours from this notice to provide the 3 member panel with any relevant information that the student would like them to review when making their determination.  During the period of review, the Dean of Students may require a student to quarantine.

The CRP will review the matter and decide whether the student’s conduct poses a risk to the health and safety of a member of the campus  community.  The CRP will endeavor to speak with the student and any necessary staff members within 24 hours of receiving any relevant information from the student, or within 24 hours of the expiration of the time for the student to submit such information.  

The CRP will be guided by the Guidelines for Campus Compact Violations when determining an appropriate public health response.  Such administrative actions should reflect the degree to which the student’s  behavior puts the health and safety of others at risk, whether prior concerning behavior has occurred, and any other mitigating or aggravating factors.  The Compact Review Panel is administrative, not disciplinary, and no actions of the Panel will appear on a student’s disciplinary record.  

All Stanford community members are required to participate and cooperate fully with the Compact Review Panel and any investigations related to violations of the Compact. 

Panel decisions that restrict access to Stanford facilities or remove a student from campus, including housing, may be appealed by submitting a letter via email to the Provost explaining why the student believes that they should be allowed access to Stanford facilities and/or to remain on campus.  The letter must be submitted within 48 hours of receipt of the Panel’s decision, and will be responded to within 48 hours.